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Our Story

Bright Futures UK was founded in early 2016 by Joshua Pelled and Nathalie Holt. Both have previously been diagnosed with cancer and therefore know first-hand the struggles many young people face when illness becomes the ‘new normal’.


During their time of illness, these young individuals had to cope with the interruption of both their educational and social life. At such a young age, this was a challenge even with the incredible support of their family and friends.


Joshua and Nathalie are both determined to use their personal experiences to make sure others going through a similar situation won’t have to face the same difficulties.


They understand the areas where there is limited help, and it’s with these areas in mind that Bright Futures UK was established.


Bright Futures UK Founder

I’m the founder of Bright Futures UK and a two time cancer survivor myself, beating cancer aged 5 and again at 16.


I have been ill through different stages of education, and therefore understand the hardship and uncertainty young people go through. Questions like, ‘can I keep up with the work?’ ‘What opportunities are out there for me now’ or simply ‘what next?’


Every year a considerable number of young people face physical and mental illness that can leave them with these exact questions, and thousands more.


We believe young people shouldn’t face these problems alone, and that support from people outside your family and friends can go a long way.


Bright Futures UK Co-Founder

I’m Co-founder of Bright Futures UK and I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in 2015.


At the time, I was a university student and my diagnosis came as a complete shock! Cancer is never something expected and it completely changed the path I was on. I know first-hand how disruptive and invasive a medical condition can be to every aspect of your life, yet there is no reason to feel isolated.


I was lucky enough to find my passion and we are here to help other young individuals find theirs!