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Illness Doesn't Define Us

Who We Are

Welcome to Bright Futures UK. We are the first UK charity that centres around bridging the gap between illness and normality, with a focus on educational, social, and professional development. If you or somebody you know are in a position in which your education has been impacted due to medical circumstances, we are here to help.

What We Do

We run tailor made programmes that focus on the development of our young individuals, so whatever challenges illness may bring, we are here to offer our support. Our services are provided for young individuals with both physical, and mental illnesses. We aim to ensure that everybody’s interests and needs are met so each person can progress at their own speed.


Our mentoring programmes are tailored to suit the specific needs and interests of our young individuals. Whether they are passionate about, photography, starting their own business, or need some guidance with their CV, we find the best match for their needs.


Our aim is to give young individuals a positive goal to work towards during and beyond treatment.


Bright Futures UK tutoring programmes offers the support so many young individuals need to keep up with school work, or prepare them for the daunting thought of returning to school.


Our tutoring programmes focus on relieving the worry and pressure young people feel towards school, and focus on recovering quickly and getting back to being their old self.


Bright Futures UK workshops are group based activities that allow young individuals to meet people in a similar situation and create support networks with people going through similar situations.


They cover skill based and alternative workshops ensuring individuals have a great experience and feel comfortable.

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